Lately there has been a lot of focus on retouched images, and how photographers / retouchers are playing with reality.

Everything is possible in Photoshop wonderland, we can create amazing digital images that will fulfill our clients dreams about the perfect picture. We have become photographers and digital image creators – and lets face it, the digital wonderland is here to stay !

Normally when I am retouching my pictures, specially portraits, I am doing as little as possible, so the retouching come across natural and invisible. But sometimes, specially with fashion and beauty photography, there is a different demands on picture perfect models. Sometimes it is not possible for my clients to get the right model, so we have to make the model perfect. But retouched images is not something new that photographers suddenly has started to do, retouching has always been a part of photography-it has just become a little bit easier and more advanced.

In my very early days as becoming a photographer, I had the luck to spent a week together with the amazing royal portrait photographer Rigmor Mydtskov. This amazing woman was a true artist and extremely skilled photographer, she would spent hours hand retouching every single portrait of her hand printed copies of the Queen.

So with that in mind, be aware of all the images you see in a fashion magazine, a big advertising campaign or some portraits of famous people, THEY ARE ALL RETOUCHED ! The images are created to sell a dream, and dreams does not always have anything to do with reality.

Have a nice weekend, and yes I love Photoshop with all its fantastic features.


Check out before and after retouching on the image below. Move the arrows left or right to see the whole picture.